Why Should You Listen To Me...What Could I Possibly Know About Building Muscle?

How Can I Help You To Reach Your Muscle Building Goals...

Picture of Jago HolmesPlease allow me to introduce myself. My name is Jago Holmes and I am the owner and principal trainer here at New Image Personal Training in Halifax, England, one of the North's largest independently owned personal training companies. 

We work with over 150 clients each week in our exclusive studios so we have plenty of experience of changing peoples body's.

I am a fully qualified and experienced personal trainer. My personal training company New Image Fitness Ltd has been in operation for the past 10 years.

We consistently get great results from our one to one clients and I am proud of the individual and exclusive service that they receive, because we apply the knowledge we have to solving their health and fitness problems.

I regularly write newspaper and magazine articles as well as being a published author with a range of digital ebooks and weight loss packages. I present weight loss seminars and run my  highly acclaimed '8 week weight loss challenge' once a year.

I studied at the University of Leeds, completing my training with YMCA in 2000 after 3 years when I attained the YMCA Personal Trainer award - one of the highest and most respected qualifications available in the UK for personal trainers.


As a personal trainer I often work with men wanting to build muscle...



One of the biggest problems I find is most people have no understanding of what creates muscle growth and the processes involved in encouraging this muscle growth.


In order to effectively change the shape and size of your muscles you really do need to know what you are doing, otherwise you run the risk of losing interest and motivation before seeing any real tangible results.


When I work with my clients I teach them the principles and techniques of bodybuilding so they can effectively grow quickly without having to make the same mistakes that millions of other people do.



But the biggest reasons my clients get the amazing results they do is...



red tick   Together we sit down and discuss and agree specific goals and targets that they will achieve over given periods of time


red tick   They then follow a plan of action or a program for building muscle which I have designed for them depending on what body shape, experience or goals they have


red tick   Because they are following a specific program, they also eat a supportive diet which encourages muscle growth and recovery, allowing them get bigger and stronger


red tick   I Know what it takes to stimulate muscle growth, so I regularly adapt and change the program at exactly the right times in order to keep them growing and getting stronger


This is something I do for my one to one clients and it works every single time...it's a process I love and find extremely rewarding. 


Unfortunately this is a service I can only offer my one to one clients and my schedule is too busy to create a system that I could offer to others via the internet...


...and anyway there are some really great programs out there at the moment, so I thought I would leave this to those who have already developed and written them.



Unfortunately there are many systems on the market today that just aren't worth spending your hard earned money on...



I wanted to feature the best ones, so you don't have to experiment or guess which are worth trying out for yourself. Because of this you will save money and get the body you want much quicker without the frustration and disappointment others usually experience for many years before finally giving up. 


I decided instead to feature just three of my favourite products which all relate to different starting points. So for example if you are a complete beginner with some body fat to lose or if you struggle to gain weight or muscle and have always been a little skinny or finally if you are an advanced weight trainer or bodybuilder I have featured a system to suit you.


You can find out more on my home page


These programs are all fully guaranteed...so you risk absolutely nothing by trying them!



So I Decided to Feature 3 Muscle Building Systems That Actually Do Work...



But don't forget, select a program that relates to your current situation...


red check box   If you're more of a skinny guy and have always struggled to gain weight or build any amount of muscle  click here


red check box   If you're a complete beginner and want to build muscle but need to lose a little weight at the same time  click here


red check box   If you're an advanced bodybuilder or experienced weight trainer wanting to add a little extra mass click here


To your health and fitness


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