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Read On And I Will Introduce You To 3 Of The Most Effective Muscle Building Programs Around Today So You Can Start To Build Maximum Muscle NOW Instead Of Making The Same Mistakes Again And Again...


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My name is Jago Holmes, CPT, and I am a fully qualified and experienced personal trainer.


I have helped hundreds of men and women to build substantial amounts of new muscle over the last 10 years.


I know what it takes to build muscle fast and what's more I have achieved this on the physiques of the clients I work with as well as using myself as a guinea pig.


This has allowed me to effectively try out and impartially test many different systems.


When anyone tells you that they have a system that works for them, that's great...for them, but it is of very little use to you because everyone is different and will respond differently to any given bodybuilding program. 


Some guys only seem to have to look at a dumbbell and they gain an inch on their arms, whilst others spend half their lives striving for something they will probably never get unless they stumble upon a system that actually works for them.



Well The Good News Is I Have Selected 3 of 'THE BEST' Muscle Building Programs Available In the World Today, So Your Search For A Solution That Will Work For You Is Now Over...



They are all written by fellow experts in their field and take advantage of the knowledge and advances in science and understanding of the human body that up until recently haven't been fully understood.


The reason I have decided to feature these 3 particular products is because they are all effective bodybuilding programs, but for anyone at different stages in their training...yes the same basic principles apply, but not everyone will respond in a similar way using the same approach.


Here is a brief summary of why I personally recommend each one of the following programs...


Red Tick Box    If you are a beginner new to training with weights, Sean's comprehensive bodybuilding program shows you how to build muscle from scratch and would be my recommendation for you.


Red Tick Box    If you are someone who usually struggles to put on any type of weight, either fat or muscle, then Vince Delmonte's 'No Nonsense Muscle Building' program is the perfect solution.


Red Tick Box    If you are an advanced bodybuilder or weight trainer then Jeff Anderson's 'Advanced Muscle building' will teach you how to build muscle fast and is simply a 'must buy'.


The real secret to success is to set yourself goals and then follow a plan of action that takes you towards achieving those goals, the problem is, most people don't have a clue about how to design an effective muscle building system...this is where all of these bodybuilding programs can help you best.



All of these muscle building systems: -



Red Tick Box    Contain an iron clad fully inclusive satisfaction guarantee. So you can buy the program and be sure you will receive 100% of your money back, if you decide it just isn't the solution you were looking for.


Red Tick Box    Are instantly downloadable, so you can have the information right in front of you, ready to start within minutes


Red Tick Box    Will give you the information and the results they promise IF you follow their advice

and stick to the guidelines and the recommendations they give you



One Word of Warning...



You will find the websites for these products very persuasive, don't be sold on any bodybuilding program that doesn't specifically answer the problems that YOU are struggling with.


The authors quite rightly make promises that they can teach you how to build muscle fast if you follow their programs, but they also offer the guarantee of a full refund if you don't get the results you expect after following their techniques.


This is one of the main reasons as well as the excellent content each of their systems contain why I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending any of them to you.


There is one last thing that you should know about all of these muscle building programs before you go on to look at a couple and that is this...


'You WILL see amazing results and these programs WILL work for you IF you follow the instructions they contain...and above all else...TAKE ACTION'



Vince Delmonte's 'No-Nonsense Muscle Building'

Vince DelmonteVince Delmonte's muscle building program - "No-Nonsense Muscle Building" is in my opinion one of the top bodybuilding programs available on the internet today.

What I particularly like about Vince's system is that it really does address the problems faced by 'skinny guys' when trying to get bigger and gain more muscle.

'No Nonsense Muscle Building' has received worldwide acclaim from numerous renowned health and fitness experts and like all of these systems comes with an unconditional money back guarantee which I think proves how confident he is about his ability to teach you how to gain muscle.

This is what Vince says about his bodybuilding program: -

"Discover how to build 20-40 pounds of hard natural muscle and how to build muscle fast - without steroids, without 'muscle-friendly' genes, without any rehashed program, without any bogus supplements and without surfing the internet ever again" - Vince Delmonte

What Do You Get? - Multiple great bonuses as well as the system itself


Who's It For? - Anyone who struggles to gain weight, especially building muscle ('skinny guys')


Delivery - Immediate download


Guarantee - 8 week, full money back guarantee


Rating - 5 stars


Have a look at Vince's 'No Nonsense Muscle Building'




Jeff Anderson's 'Advanced Mass Building'



Advanced Mass Building - Jeff AndersonIf your goal is to gain weight and build muscle fast, then you won't find any system more powerful and exciting as Jeff's "Advanced Mass Building" system! 


This system is a unique 4 week bodybuilding program designed for bodybuilders or serious weight trainers looking to take their mass building efforts to the next level.


Advanced Mass Building offers an entirely new way of training that's being hailed by experts as "a training breakthrough that will put other bodybuilding programs to shame!".


Jeff usually offers a unique twist to his systems and this one is no different.  If you can get through the hype on his website and you are an advanced bodybuilder or someone who has been exercising for a while then I would definitely recommend giving his new system a try.


Give it a go for 4 weeks and I don't think you will ever train the same way again!


What Do You Get? - Jeff's unique bodybuilding program plus 8 great bonuses


Who's It For? - Anyone who has been training for a while that wants to learn how to build muscle fast, stimulate new muscle growth or experienced bodybuilders trying to break through a plateau


Delivery - Immediate download


Guarantee - Unconditional 8 week money back guarantee


Rating - 5 stars


Have a look at Jeff's 'Advanced Mass Building' website



Sean Nalewanyj's 'The Truth About Building Muscle'



The Truth About Building Muscle

For those looking to build muscle fast, burn through stubborn body fat and increase their strength, it can often be a nightmare trying to find an honest and credible source of information to follow.


I got an email from Sean Nalewanyj a few months ago, he is a lifetime natural bodybuilder and fitness author, and he wanted me to have a look at his system. I thought it would just be another fly-by-night, convince readers to buy, rip off bodybuilding program.


But after fully reviewing Sean's entire package, I'd have to say it may be one of the best beginners muscle building systems I have ever come across and believe me, I've seen most of them.


When you order this system you don't just get a single eBook, you'll get a jam-packed muscle-building success package, probably at least 5 times the tools and information that other similar experts offer.


The downside's to Sean's program are again the amount of information you are given, most people just tend to stick to reading the main system and don't fully make use of the rest of Sean's package.


What Do You Get? - As well as the actual program you will also receive an extensive range of 'how to gain muscle' reports, training guides and downloads - great value for money


Who's It Designed For? - Complete beginners up to intermediate level


Delivery - Instant download


Guarantee - 8 week money back guarantee


Rating - 4 stars


Have a look at Sean's 'The Truth About Building Muscle' website




Well there you have top 3 bodybuilding programs. If you are seriously interested in changing your body shape and size but are unsure as to how to gain muscle or you want to learn the insider secrets to enable you build muscle fast then get hold of one of these systems.


Speaking from my own experience and that of the many clients I have had the privilege of working with over the years, there is no better way to learn how to gain muscle than by following a bodybuilding program that teaches you what you need to know.


If you an experienced bodybuilder there is no point in reading about the basics, you need a system that teaches you how to gain muscle from the point you are at you can take your size and mass on to a new level.


So take a little time when you visit the websites of the bodybuilding programs I have featured to have a good read about what they can offer you.


Everyone wants to build muscle fast and this is what these systems will teach you, but not everyone is starting from the same place and this is why each one of these bodybuilding programs is different.


P.S. Don't forget to sign up for my FREE muscle building reports which you will receive every few weeks, there's no commitment to buy anything at all...ever, and you can unsubscribe at any time.


P.P.S Don't forget, select a program that relates to your current situation...


red check box   If you're more of a skinny guy and have always struggled to gain weight or build any amount of muscle click here


red check box   If you're a complete beginner and want to build muscle but need to lose a little weight at the same time click here


red check box   If you're an advanced bodybuilder or experienced weight trainer wanting to add a little extra mass click here



To your health and fitness


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